How to successfully market through Facebook

If you wish to successfully market through facebook, you need to learn of the techniques that will work on this platform and those that won’t. Different platforms call for different marketing methods. For example, the adverts placed on television or radio may differ from those placed in magazines or over the internet.

Don’t be too formal

A large number of people have Facebook accounts for the fun they hope to find there though interacting with other people of like mind. As such, you should avoid aggressive selling tactics. Don’t try to push products or services onto the people you find on the platform, rather, you need to build rapport with them through interactions in posts and subtly introduce the product or service you are marketing. Go for posts that somehow relate to the products or service you are marketing as opposed to landing on just about any group or post to start your marketing campaign.

Clear goals and strategies go a long way

As with most things in life, having a clear goal and strategy will help you effectively market on Facebook. Do you wish to increase sales in a given time frame or just acquire a set number of followers? With the goals set and the strategy in place, you are able to arrive at your destination in a timely manner. If your goal is to increase sales by 10% in say 4 months, then your strategy could include creating interesting posts that spur followers to share and inquire about what is on offer.

Don’t be too stiff in your interactions

Facebook is a place where many come for fun interactions with other people. As such, many will not appreciate hearing a ‘robotic’ voice telling them of such and such business. Your voice as you interact needs to be as ‘human’ as possible. This means personal messages as opposed to impersonal ones and likeable or friendly voice over business like voice as you post on the platform. Learn to balance your business values with a friendly voice that will not leave your followers feeling like they are in a business meeting.

Regular posts go a long way

This doesn’t mean that you should post 10 posts in under two hours or post every 10 minutes! By regular, you have to know which times are frequented by your followers and post at those times. It can be anywhere from a post a day or as often as you get interesting new posts to share, within reason. You need to have a good understanding of your audience in order to know when they want to hear from you and how often.

Reply to comments ASAP

You need to encourage your followers to respond to your posts through comments and then proceed to reply to the comments ASAP. When you do this, your audience will know that you care enough about what they have to say to respond in a timely manner. Failure to respond to comments in a timely manner(normally within the 24-hour timeframe) is an indication to your followers that you don’t really respect the time they spend on your page and most will eventually move away from you.

Make use of videos and photos

A picture says it in a thousand words and a video helps deliver the message in a much interesting format. Try as much as possible to include some photos and videos in your posts in order to keep your Facebook page as interesting to your followers as possible. As you post though, remember to majorly keep the posts relevant to your business while maintaining the entertaining aspect. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few discounts and giveaways along the way to keep them coming back!

Cultivate relationships

The followers you have on facebook are useful in advancing your goals, don’t forget to nurture what you have with them. Don’t stop at providing them with useful content, go a step further to reward your most loyal followers or customers to encourage others as well. Last but not least, remember to genuinely engage in conversations you have with your followers and they will appreciate you for this.

Promote your Facebook Page

You need to include your Facebook page in other methods of marketing away from Facebook. You need to include it on your website, business card or letterhead so that you can attract more people to check it out.

Make use of Facebook Insights to learn more about your followers

With Facebook insights, you are able to have a better understanding of the people that follow your page. This in turn helps you make posts or offers that best suit their characteristics.


Some Qualities of a Good SEO Company

For SEO companies, clients are never willing to take a risk when selecting them. This is because there are so many other companies out there. They’re dedicated and fully focused on giving their clients relevant results. The company has to understand what internet marketing is about so that when it’s making the site, it makes sure it will be effective once it goes live. The good companies know what is going to bring about good results and what might lead to direct failure. This is why they work to get relevant traffic that translates into sales.

A good SEO company has to come up with customized solutions for a client’s website. Without doing this, the company will end up providing the kind of solutions that are not rewarding. This is why they first of all have to know what the client has in mind so that they can strategize. It requires them to come up with plans that they utilize for the best effect. At the same time, they have to consult with the client before actually doing any task. If they simply choose to work without updating their clients, they can end up doing the wrong things or going far from what the client wanted. One company I highly recommend is this SEO Company in Mississauga.

They are ethical
A company that is ethical does not at any point use methods that are black hat. This is because they are respectable and they know that they have their reputation on the line. There are techniques that are not allowed by a good number of search engines. The good companies steer clear of the use of such methods because they understand that it can lead to the client’s site getting banned. The companies use the methods that are approved as well as friendly.

They set practical commitments
For the right SEO companies, they always have realistic commitments which they know they are going to reach. This is better than making the kind of pledges that they cannot realize especially within a given time frame. Apart from setting a reasonable goal, they also work towards constantly improving the site and its ranking in search engines.

They have proof of their ability
A search engine optimization company is supposed to have proof of its ability. This can be in varied forms. They can give the clients references of all their previous works. As they are working on a client’s site, they are expected to be timely when they have something that they are taking care of. In order to help the client know that they are working diligently at all times, they have to give monthly reports. Only by doing this can the client know whether the project or campaign is going as planned.