7 Link-Building Tips that will turn your business from ‘zero’ to ‘hero’

When correctly implemented, SEO or Search Engine Optimization can help your online business rank high on search engines.  With the high rankings come high traffic and ultimate higher potential for getting sales.  SEO is done both on-page and off-page with on-page SEO being done to help search engines better understand what the page is all about and off-page SEO being done to help search engines understand which web sites are more relevant and important.

Off-page SEO optimization requires backlinks to make it thrive. Backlinks are links to other sites which links then point back to your site. Link-building in this case is the process of acquiring said links from other websites. That being said however, not all backlinks should be used and care must be taken to ensure that you don’t end up with links that will ultimately harm your website or business.

Your website outlook matters. First of all, before actually going out there in search of links you need to ensure that your website is at its very best. You need to ensure that the website is very appealing to visitors; that it has interesting content; that is properly placed and doesn’t have too much clutter or Ads. Try as much as possible to organize the website’s web pages so that things/ products/ services are not all over the place!

Make sure your internal links are working great. Before looking for links outside your website, you need to ensure that your own website too does have great linking. You need to have a good site structure with text that links with each page on the site.

Go for quality not quantity. It is very tempting to get as many links as possible in order to improve search engine rankings however care must be taken to ensure that the links gotten are or quality to avoid penalties. Ideally, you should go for links from authority websites and websites that are related your industry. Avoid spam websites like a plague as you go about getting backlinks.

Create high-quality content that is engaging and earns your website quality links. By high-quality sharable content here, it is a lot more than a mere 500-word article; it is more to do with detailed informative content that is interesting to your visitors. Whether it is written or in video form, the content you create has to compel a number of visitors to share if you are to earn backlinks.

Target news sites and authority web directories These sites will help your presence get felt better over the internet and ultimately earn your quality links. Authority sites are trusted thus have plenty of links to them.

Take a peek at your competitors and check out their link building tactics to learn which strategies could work well for your site. Remember though not to simply copy the links as what works well for your competitor may not work well for you!

Embrace the social media to ultimately help with the link building process. This is because when you create sharable content, not only will your presence be felt on the social medial platform but your content will be willingly shared which ultimately gets you the much needed natural links that search engines want.

Ultimately, with the right link-building done and quality backlinks earned, your business’ SEO strategy turned into a long term one that reaps you immense benefits. That being said, it is important to devote a portion of your time trying to attain quality back links.

How to Tweak Landing Pages to Increase Conversions

Online marketing is all about keeping up with all the changes, analyzing results and making necessary changes if you wish your business to stay afloat. Having a landing page that just doesn’t convert can be a nightmare if you are trying to make some money off the internet.

According to Alice, an online marketer from HQ SEO in Cardiff, ‘Many people think that just because they have increased the number of landing pages from say 5 to say 20, then the added leads they get should be enough to get conversions.’

This may not necessarily be the case however!

Let’s have a look at some of the ways you can tweak your landing pages and improve conversions:

Have a second look at the colors

Did you know that depending on the business or website you run, the colors you have on there can make or break your conversion rates? Take the color blue for example; it instills a feeling of security and trust while the color red on the other hand may instill a feeling of danger or provide a sense of urgency.

It pays to know what feelings different colors invoke and in what hues so that you get your target audience wanting to buy in on what you are selling. In addition, pay close attention to the color you give your call-to-action buttons as well.

Provide catchy headlines and create content that answer a need

Many people come to the internet in search of information. As such, the headlines they read out of the thousands out there should prompt them to click for a further look. Ideally, you should come up with headlines that speak to their needs and make them want to red further.

In addition, please ensure that the actual content is exactly what the user is looking for. It is frustrating to click on a given title only to find other information other than what was insinuated in the title. Remember to make the content as short and easy to read as possible.

Go for time sensitive Call-To-Action

There is something to be said about time sensitive call-to-action buttons. They tend to drive users to actually respond to the message.

Don’t forget to split-test

Whenever you don’t split-test your page, you never really know what may be working and what may not be working.  As such, you need to go through your page with a fine tooth comb if possible to ensure that everything is working as should be.

Other quick tips to consider:

  • Be brief and specific in the information you ask of your visitors. Anything extra might scare them off.
  • Where possible, do away with distractions such as navigation bars from your landing pages
  • Ensure that the information on your pages is well organized, easy to find and easy to read
  • Don’t forget to add social share buttons
  • Ensure that all the Call-to-Actions land on the right landing page
  • Ensure that the cal-to-actions are to point and specific to what you want users to do
  • Go for simple, clean pages; after all, less is more

Strategies To Help You Do a Blog Post in 60 Minutes or Less (Part 2)

In the last article, we shared 3 tips to help you write high quality content for your blog in less than 60 minutes for your blog. It was a long article, so I split it up into two sections, and this is section 2. Below, you’ll find 5 more tips suggested by our

  1. Share a piece of research per given point
    Since the writer has derived the clearly laid up points, the focus should be directed to the research factor. One should carry out a number of Google searches concerning the topic outlined. Deduce some nice case, illustrations, news articles and papers among some other high standard content to reinforce the given point. In fact, many SEO experts even suggest that adding credible sources to your articles provides SEO benefits to your website by making it appear more credible. Therefore, it is super crucial. Most discerned readers prefer reading content has been backed up by real research.This being the body of the entire article. There is need to spend ample time on it. In order to land on the safer side, there is need to avoid monopolizing the article with simply one source. Regardless of the fact that the source may be having all the necessary information, time may not allow one to track the whole details as this may take a long while.
  1. Apply use of images to prove the point
    Split the entire content using a number of relevant figures. The most instant way when looking for images from Google is using Google image search. An image is simply searched by keying in the relevant keywords suitable for the article or the topic assigned. For instance, while searching for “content marketing” This is a general query. Therefore, narrowing it down is the best idea. This can be done super easily by clicking on one of the categories given at the top of the search page of that image.By directing the search in a given area of research, it makes it possible to obtain some crucial visual statistics to reinforce the stated points.It is worth noting that the images that the writer is locating are part of the research. However, they are not aimed at being the creative guide for my blog article.Each article is supposed to contain some images, therefore the most thrilling images to the audience. However, one should also be well informed about the copyright laws.
  1. Develop a conclusion
    At times I create my conclusion prior to writing. This may look a bit awkward. Nevertheless, it really assists me in sticking focused. However, most of the other times I develop a conclusion paragraph at the end of my writing. This is not for the sake of making the article appear appealing; I refer to the conclusion as “conclusion”, period. In addition to that, it makes it super simple for the reader. They can tell where exactly my article will end. Moreover, it makes it easier for me too. I do not waste a lot of my time wondering of a creative twist. I simply wind everything up with a conclusion.
  1. Make a conclusion of three paragraphs
    Often, my conclusion is made up of three concluding paragraphs at an average. There is a way to create a robust and interesting conclusion. This is best done by summarizing the entire article. Maintain it short and real. Refrain yourself from filling up the conclusion with points that you probably left out in the body of the article. Essentially, aim at using the conclusion to put brakes of the entire article.
  1. Conclude with a question
    In case you have gone through any of my previous articles, you will realize that I always wind up with a question. I have found this to be a super effective way of encouraging high reasoning power among the readers. At the same time, it has been found to have dual benefit of also giving me an end point as well.


This is an ideal formula-driven strategy of writing fancy articles. Is it allowed for you to break the formula? Definitely. In case you choose to work from outside the lines, this could be a way of increasing the value of your content. For instance, taking the article that you are going though at the moment, am breaking some of the rules that I just discussed nearly by half. This is because, am not using the formula as a law but as a guide. Therefore, roughly follow the process to increase your yields. Nevertheless, it is better to give it your own approach so as to enhance creativity.



Strategies To Help You Do a Blog Post in 60 Minutes or Less (Part 1)

Has it happened to you that you sit before a screen wondering” what the hell do I write now”. Clearly, we all know how effective content marketing has turned. We know that there are no two choices but to do it, no matter what. However, this is by no means easy. Besides the writer’s block feeling, sometimes it takes forever to do an article. I personally know of writers that take as long as 10 hours on one article. This way, it is super easy for one to get discouraged and easily give up on the entire digital marketing.

Could there be a way of creating blog content within a short while? Definitely there is. Among the reasons that cause people to do a lot within a super short while is their reliance on systems.

A system that is designed for completion of a given task is a way that is system driven in order to achieve a thing. Irrespective of the fact that this approach may appear super boring and had, it makes completion of jobs super simpler, instant and way more efficient.

This article discusses the system that I employ in order to do a blog article in not more than 60 minutes time. Many of these strategies were discussed and written down between me and and another friend of mine who’s an SEO Expert.

  1. Select your topic early enough
    One of the greatest achievements that I have made is deciding prior of what am going to discuss in my article.I was used to sitting down, select my topic and begin to write on it immediately. That greatly murdered my writing yields. Though I do not rely on the editorial calendar, I can give a listing of the topics and titles that I employ as a way of making writing easier and way fast for me.When it comes to writing, I simply pick a random topic from my list and start writing about it. Among the advantages of having selected topics prior is that I get psychologically prepared about what to write on long before I can begin writing. By so doing, by the time am commencing to write am way much ready to not only be faster but also better and clearer. Nevertheless, I still have to be super careful in order to avoid writing the entire article which may divert   me from being able to create more topics.
  1. Make an introduction of three paragraphs
    The foremost thing in doing any blog is creating an introduction. Though some of the writers opt to have the introduction and the conclusion at the end of the article, I do not buy this one bit. I prefer starting with the introduction. This aids in setting the stage as well as determining the progress of that article as well as the flow.How is an introduction written? Maintain simplicityFirst paragraph: attempt capturing maximum attention of the reader and give a slight idea of the blog article.Second paragraph: create emphasis on the article. Give the importance of reading it.Third paragraph: explain what the article discusses. Give a brief explanation of what the reader should expect in the body.
  1. Come up with five main points
    This should be your listing- 5 major points. Why does it have to be five? Five is a random number. You should have several points in order to successfully prove your point and drive the point home. The points could be as many as five, twenty, name it. Basically, there has to be a stipulated structure so as to create the article.An article that lacks an outline is likely to ramble. Eventually, this may confuse the reader, bore them or totally frustrate them. By having a clear outline, filling it with more content becomes super easy.I mostly prefer numbering the content topics. The reason behind this is that it becomes more interesting for the readers to go through the content. Secondly, they are also super easy to write as it spares me of the time that I would have spent wondering what approach to give my topics. Rather, the plan to employ is clear from the numbered topic-ten techniques of.., five reasons of…and so on.Readers prefer this plan as it is not only clear but also organized. It allows for them to skim down the points that they find key in the entire article.The writer is free to fill up the content with fine research details, however the main points are supposed to be among the first on the outline.

This sums up this part of the article. I’ll be adding part 2 in a few days. You’ll be able to find part 2 of this article here.



How To Stand Out In A Crowded Digital World

Internet marketing is one of those terms that is thrown around by business owners and web developers alike, but most have no clue how to use internet marketing effectively. Internet marketing is really about how to use it to stand out in the crowded world that is flooded with information. There are no shortage of theories and beliefs about just how to do it, but when it all comes down to it, there are a few things that work no matter what industry you’re in.

Know Who Your Ideal Customer/Reader Is

This should already be apparent if you run a business or a blog, but knowing who your ideal customer/reader is is internet marketing 101. If you don’t know that, then it’s impossible to really venture out and grow your audience effectively and profitably. Remember that it’s not just about getting more people aware of your brand, it’s about getting the right people who will read, believe, and buy what you’re selling. So before you do anything else, figure out or at least have a hypothesis of who your ideal customer/reader is.

Go Where They Are

Once you know who your ideal customer/reader is, then you need to go where they are. Having a website, social media platform, and email list is great, but if nobody knows who you are, then you will be marketing to nobody. Every market is unique in where their customers tend to hang out. Find out if they use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and certain forums. Also find out if they are searching for things you do on Google. Remember – you can’t stand out from the crowd if you don’t know where the crowd is standing.

Build Your Base

Now that you know who your ideal customers are and where they hangout online, it’s time to build up your following. This is easier than ever now that the major social media platforms allow you to advertise and do it with pinpoint precision of who you want to reach. Facebook, for example, allows you to target people based on age, race, interests, location, and more. Target your ideal base with a “like” campaign to get people over to your website, but be sure to do it to a highly targeted group of people. It’s not always a numbers game. 10,000 followers may look great, but if you can get even 2,500 followers that are really into what you’re doing, then that’s great.

One of the most efficient ways to do this is to tap into a pipeline where people are already looking for services or topics that you specialize in. One of these methods is to utilize search engines as they provide stats about what people are looking for already, so you can just tailor your message to them. A colleague of mine is a Springfield, Missouri SEO expert and utilized this method with great success. There were already 1,000’s of searches a month for seo services so he just tapped into that traffic and made sure that Vibranium SEO showed up in front of all those people.

Ask Them What They Want

A lot of times, the hard part is to build up that initial base of customers and fans. However, the part that gets fun is when you start giving them exactly what they want. Instead of guessing about what your followers want from you, just ask them. They will not only tell you exactly what they want, but they will love you for it because you will make them feel valued and that their opinion really matters to you. They will then tell their friends and then you have the potential to leverage social media to build a larger following without having to do anything.

Be sure to never lose focus of what your goal is and aim to make your customers/readers happy. If you do that, then you will stand out from the crowd.


Tips To Get Better Rankings Using SEO

The reason why SEO is undertaken is basically to raise the rankings of a website. Each and every action or step that is taken is meant to ensure that the website will be better ranked than its current position at that time. The end result of this is that it becomes easier for any potential customer as well as the intended audience to find the site. As simple, as it seems, it isn’t. It requires persons with the right amount of skills to undertake the job step by step until finally everything falls in place.

Even search engines have become more complex with advancements in web technology. This includes algorithms that are developed by the day. This means that there is a need to make sure the website is not left behind while others are improving and getting on top of the web rankings. Some of the very best practices for anyone to utilize include some of the following.

Being careful when using JavaScript menus

The function of JavaScript is to ensure that the pages of a website are interactive. The only challenge with it is that search engines do not recognize it. This is why they are not supposed to be used too many times. When there are sections of the site that contain the scripts, then a site map should be developed as well.

Use of the appropriate SEO

When it comes to the use of SEO, it is supposed to be utilized with proper care. It is all about using relevant keywords in order to drive traffic towards the site. If at all the meta-tags or the keywords do not have any kind of relation to the site or page content, then there is no need to use them. The reason is that anyone who does this is risking getting the site penalized. Jeremy from Thunder Rank states that “although it’s easy to hire an SEO company to perform the work for you, it’s important that the company you hire has the ability to actually deliver results. Not ever strategy will be able to work for your business’s website.”

Regularly updating the website

A website that is not updated regularly soon ends up becoming irrelevant. This is because content keeps changing which is why the site should as well contain up-to-date information. This is why it is advisable to watch out for keywords and then change them accordingly.

Using tags on images

Since every website has images, there is a lot to them than most people actually know. One is that there are tags that are placed on the images. Those who utilize these techniques are left impressed by the amount of traffic that it gets for the site. All it takes is optimizing the site with image tags while using the appropriate keywords. For the best results, the images should be given accurate descriptions so that search engine robots can read them.

Further Info

If you’re looking for more information on SEO tips, check this video out by Steve Nuttall below. He has a a lot of good info about what it takes to rank in 2015.


How to successfully market through Facebook

If you wish to successfully market through Facebook, you need to learn of the techniques that will work on this platform and those that won’t. Different platforms call for different marketing methods. For example, the adverts placed on television or radio may differ from those placed in magazines or over the internet.

Don’t be too formal

A large number of people have Facebook accounts for the fun they hope to find there though interacting with other people of like mind. As such, you should avoid aggressive selling tactics. Don’t try to push products or services onto the people you find on the platform, rather, you need to build rapport with them through interactions in posts and subtly introduce the product or service you are marketing. Go for posts that somehow relate to the products or service you are marketing as opposed to landing on just about any group or post to start your marketing campaign.

Clear goals and strategies go a long way

As with most things in life, having a clear goal and strategy will help you effectively market on Facebook. Do you wish to increase sales in a given time frame or just acquire a set number of followers? With the goals set and the strategy in place, you are able to arrive at your destination in a timely manner. If your goal is to increase sales by 10% in say 4 months, then your strategy could include creating interesting posts that spur followers to share and inquire about what is on offer.

Don’t be too stiff in your interactions

Facebook is a place where many come for fun interactions with other people. As such, many will not appreciate hearing a ‘robotic’ voice telling them of such and such business. Your voice as you interact needs to be as ‘human’ as possible. This means personal messages as opposed to impersonal ones and likeable or friendly voice over business like voice as you post on the platform. Learn to balance your business values with a friendly voice that will not leave your followers feeling like they are in a business meeting.

Regular posts go a long way

This doesn’t mean that you should post 10 posts in under two hours or post every 10 minutes! By regular, you have to know which times are frequented by your followers and post at those times. It can be anywhere from a post a day or as often as you get interesting new posts to share, within reason. You need to have a good understanding of your audience in order to know when they want to hear from you and how often.

Reply to comments ASAP

You need to encourage your followers to respond to your posts through comments and then proceed to reply to the comments ASAP. When you do this, your audience will know that you care enough about what they have to say to respond in a timely manner. Failure to respond to comments in a timely manner(normally within the 24-hour timeframe) is an indication to your followers that you don’t really respect the time they spend on your page and most will eventually move away from you.

Make use of videos and photos

A picture says it in a thousand words and a video helps deliver the message in a much interesting format. Try as much as possible to include some photos and videos in your posts in order to keep your Facebook page as interesting to your followers as possible. As you post though, remember to majorly keep the posts relevant to your business while maintaining the entertaining aspect. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few discounts and giveaways along the way to keep them coming back!

Cultivate relationships

The followers you have on facebook are useful in advancing your goals, don’t forget to nurture what you have with them. Don’t stop at providing them with useful content, go a step further to reward your most loyal followers or customers to encourage others as well. Last but not least, remember to genuinely engage in conversations you have with your followers and they will appreciate you for this.

Promote your Facebook Page

You need to include your Facebook page in other methods of marketing away from Facebook. You need to include it on your website, business card or letterhead so that you can attract more people to check it out.

Make use of Facebook Insights to learn more about your followers

With Facebook insights, you are able to have a better understanding of the people that follow your page. This in turn helps you make posts or offers that best suit their characteristics.


Some Qualities of a Good SEO Company

For SEO companies, clients are never willing to take a risk when selecting them. This is because there are so many other companies out there. They’re dedicated and fully focused on giving their clients relevant results. The company has to understand what internet marketing is about so that when it’s making the site, it makes sure it will be effective once it goes live. The good companies know what is going to bring about good results and what might lead to direct failure. This is why they work to get relevant traffic that translates into sales.

Michael from Thunder Rank states suggest the idea that a good SEO company is one that’s able to come up with customized solutions for a client’s website. Without doing this, the company will end up providing the kind of solutions that are not rewarding. This is why they first of all have to know what the client has in mind so that they can strategize. It requires them to come up with plans that they utilize for the best effect. At the same time, they have to consult with the client before actually doing any task. If they simply choose to work without updating their clients, they can end up doing the wrong things or going far from what the client wanted.

They are ethical
A company that is ethical does not at any point use methods that are black hat. This is because they are respectable and they know that they have their reputation on the line. There are techniques that are not allowed by a good number of search engines. The good companies steer clear of the use of such methods because they understand that it can lead to the client’s site getting banned. The companies use the methods that are approved as well as friendly.

They set practical commitments
For the right SEO companies they always have realistic commitments which they know they are going to reach. This is better than making the kind of pledges that they cannot realize especially within a given time frame. Apart from setting a reasonable goal, they also work towards constantly improving the site and its ranking in search engines.

They have proof of their ability
A search engine optimization company is supposed to have proof of its ability. This can be in varied forms. They can give the clients references of all their previous works. As they are working on a client’s site, they are expected to be timely when they have something that they are taking care of. In order to help the client know that they are working diligently at all times, they have to give monthly reports. Only by doing this can the client know whether the project or campaign is going as planned.